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The Game Network of sites, including,, and, are home to the largest online communities of developers worldwide, with 1.5 million unique users per month from 70 countries, totaling 5 million monthly page views.

Leverage these online communities to reach decision makers, generate leads, drive 'thought leadership' and recruit top talent.

Network of Sites:

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Site Information:

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At the heart of the Game Network of sites is, an internationally recognized, Webby Award winning source for game industry news, features, and community. Recognized as one of TIME's "Top 50 Best Websites of 2012," Gamasutra delivers an audience of over 500,000 registered members, with over 48% of members (246,000) located outside the United States. Statistics*:

  • 5 million page views per month
  • Over 1.2 million unique visitors a month

*Omniture Site Catalyst statistics, 2013 average.

Gamasutra screenshot has been the leading game development site since 1997, providing:

  • Daily news about the game industry
  • Original features and technical articles written by industry professionals
  • Targeted content sections per market: SmartPhone/Tablet, Console/PC, Social/Online, and Independent Games
  • The most comprehensive job board for game developers on the web, and free resume storage for members
  • Directory of game developers and companies providing services to game developers
  • Directory of schools and training programs relevant to game developers

IndieGames is the leading indie-game related news, reviews and features site on the internet since its formation in 2007. Statistics*:

  • Over 1.2 million page views per month
  • Over 224,000 unique visitors a month

*Omniture Site Catalyst statistics, 2012 average.

Gamasutra provides:

  • Daily and up-to-date news about the indie game development scene
  • Targeted content sections per market: PC (Windows, Mac and Linux), Consoles (Xbox Live, PSN and WiiWare), Mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Trailers, previews, and demo impressions of indie games from all platforms
  • In-depth interviews with independent developers about their games and process
  • Podcasts featuring prominent game makers as guests
  • Collections of the year's best games from various genres and platforms
  • Comprehensive coverage and updates on the latest indie game development events and competitions

The leading game education online resource for aspiring game developers, prospective students, graduates, and professionals looking for career advancement. Statistics*:

  • Over 168,000 page views per month
  • Over 58,000 unique visitors a month

*Omniture Site Catalyst statistics, 2012 average.

Gamasutra features:

  • International school directory of 400+ game development schools
  • Student Created Games
  • Education articles, news, features and student postmortems
  • Forums to discuss games, industry news and career opportunities
  • Student resources – Digital Counselor, Annual Game Career Guide, Salary Surveys and more...

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