Ad Specifications

Ad Specifications by Banner Type

Gamasutra Home Page


Banner Dimensions Formats Gamasutra GDC Sites
Leaderboard 728x90 gif, jpg, html, Flash, Rich Media  
Skyscraper 160x600
IMU 300x250  
Sponsor Tile 160x160    
Sponsor Sliver 650x60 gif, jpg, html    
Small Tile 145x160    
Event Button 177x59    
  • Max File Size: 40K
  • Animation Time Limit: 15 seconds
  • Loop Limit: 3 loops, 15 seconds each

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Materials Deadline

File Type Deadline To Start Date
gif, jpg, html Two business days prior to flight launch
Flash Five business days prior to flight launch

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Adobe Flash version 10; ActionScript 2.0 and 3 accepted. Requirements are as follows:

  • Format for Flash is swf
  • Static image must be submitted in order to serve when Flash is not installed by user
  • Flash files may not exceed 22 frames per second
  • Flash files with hardcoded URLs will not be accepted
  • Including clickTag in the swf file is required for the click-thru URL
  • The value must be clickTag; no other variation will be accepted

For further parameter requirements:


Publisher requires WMODE to be set to opaque. Approval is required on creative desiring transparent background.

For further instructions on WMODE

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Third Party

  • Accepted formats for Third Party Rich Media tags are: IFRAME/JavaScript/ATLAS
  • Accepted formats for standard gif or jpg Third Party tags (HREF, IMG SRC)
  • Maximum of 10 creatives in rotation per flight
  • Third Party tags must include clear traffic instructions


Third Party tags are required to set WMODE to opaque

To set WMODE, set param value and embed tag. For example:

<PARAM NAME="wmode" VALUE="opaque">
<EMBED SRC="myflashad.swf" WMODE="opaque">

Supported Vendors

Below is the current list of supported Third Party vendors:

  • Atlas
  • DART
  • EyeBlaster - iFrame required
  • EyeWonder
  • Klipmart - iFrame required
  • MediaPlex
  • On24
  • PointRoll

All other vendors will need to be tested and approved prior to campaign launch

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Rich Media Specs

Rich Media placements must be served via Third Party and will not be accepted in any other format

Max File Size: 40K
Max Polite Ad Size: 100K
Max Download Size: 135k with polite download
Flash Version: Up to 10
Max overlay Size: 40k
Looping: 3 loops 15 seconds each
Max float time for overlay: 15 seconds *All overlays must be tethered to ad

Creative Requirements

  • Sound is required to be initiated by user
  • Clickable mute button is required

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Site Skin Specs

Gamasutra Site Skin Specs

Gamasutra Site Skin Template

GameCareerGuide Site Skin Specs

GameCareerGuide Site Skin Template

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