GDC Next & App Developers Conference

GDC Next featuring App Developers Conference
November 3-4, 2014
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA

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GDC Next intends to attract all video game developers interested in learning practical paths to creating, marketing, and differentiating games and non-gaming apps successfully in today's saturated market.

Many developers craft excellent games in today's saturated market. GDC Next 2014 attendees should expect to learn how to increase discoverability, gain exposure, broaden your audience, differentiate your work, and successfully create and market your game as a compreensive experience. Talks will offer a practical path to success in these areas and share ways to make games and companies successful.

This year, the App Developers Conference (ADC) has evolved into a GDC Next track. It will focus on the very best development, UI, marketing and business of apps, just on a smaller scale. Organizers will be recruiting the very best app creators, whether they are on mobile devices, on the web, or beyond, and getting them to present their best practices to attendees.

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