GDC Vault Sponsorships

Example of Sponsored Session on VaultGDC Vault is the exclusive destination for GDC event content on demand. GDC Vault extends the life and reach of the Game Developers Conference, offering post-event access to conference recordings and proceedings in slide, audio, and video formats.

As a sponsor, you can choose to have your own GDC session recorded and hosted on GDC Vault and collect the leads of everyone who views it. Or you can choose to sponsor GDC Vault coverage of a specific GDC event and receive all the branding and promotion surrounding it.

Sponsored content is not gated, and available to all visitors of GDC Vault. GDC Vault is heavily promoted through the Game Network marketing and editorial channels, including all GDC event websites and

Sponsorship Opportunities

GDC Vault Event Media Packages (1 available per event)

GDC Vault exclusive Post Event Sponsorships gives your company the ability to align yourself with the industry's most valuable and most up-to-date content. About 2 weeks after each event all of the sessions, speakers appearances, panels and product unveilings find their way to GDC Vault where hundreds of studios and thousands of subscribers anxiously anticipate educating themselves on the newest available content. Gain valuable visibility within the game industry with this partnership and receive high impact ad units and cobranded headers on Gamastura and GDC Vault itself.

Choose an event to sponsor:


GDC 2014
March 17-21, 2014
San Francisco, CA

Exclusive - $18,000
GDC Europe
GDC Europe 2013
August 19-21, 2013
Cologne, Germany

Exclusive - $10,000

GDC Next 2013 co-located with ADC
November 5-7, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
Exclusive - $10,000

GDC China 2013
November 17-19, 2013
Shanghai, China

Exclusive - $10,000

Duration: 3 months

Marketing Deliverables:

  • GDC Vault Event Coverage Feature Viewer on GDC Vault Homepage, includes sponsor logo
  • GDC Vault Site Skin on Homepage and Vault Event landing page. Campaign starts week of GDC Event. Sponsor to design and provides materials.
  • 160x600 and IMU units on GDC Vault Player Pages and GDC Vault Homepage
  • 160x600 on GDC Vault Browse Page
  • Gamasutra Homepage and ROS 177x59 GDC Vault Event Button below Gamasutra's left-hand navigation bar. Gamasutra creates event button, sponsor supplies logo.
  • 160x160 Sponsor Tile delivered on Homepage and throughout See Sponsor Tile specs.
  • GDC Vault themed Event Page on Gamasutra for (1) month after the event then archived and searchable indefinitely
  • "In Association with" mention on GDC Vault Event Page header and Event Button running on Homepage and throughout Sponsor to supply logo.
  • Custom Sponsor Site Skin set as background with 100% SOV on GDC Vault event coverage landing page. Sponsor to provide materials.  If a site skin is not available, you can replace it with the following banners:
    • 728x90 leaderboard with 100% "share of voice" the event landing page. See banner specs.
    • 160x600 skyscraper with 100% "share of voice" on the event landing page. See banner specs.
    • 160x160 sponsor tile with 100% "share of voice" on the event landing page. See banner specs.
  • Company side-bar callout box with 100% SOV on the event coverage landing page. Includes 75 word text description, company logo and URL
  • Dynamic Roadblock that synchronizes the Sponsor Call-Out box, 728x90, 160x600, and 160x160 banners to appear at the same time within the event article pages, creating a complete page takeover. Dynamic Roadblocks will rotate at 50% SOV among all the event related article pages. Creative supplied by client. See banner specs.
  • One (1) Inside Gamasutra Newsletter ad insertion (position depends on availability). See Email Newsletter specs for example.
  • 160x600 and 728x90 banners (400k impressions per unit)
  • Includes one tweet across Gamasutra and GDC Twitter Accounts promoting Gamasutra Event Page and referencing sponsor.

Add on Option: 5 GDC Vault Tapings - $5,000

  • Exclusive sponsor of five (5) professionally recorded talks chosen from the event, hosted on GDC Vault. Sponsor to work with GDC Vault team to select available talks to sponsor in market subject of sponsors choice.
    • Sponsor collects the leads of everyone who views the sessions on GDC Vault for up to 3 months after the specific GDC event.
  • Listed as Featured Sponsor in the GDC Vault Sponsored Session Section including: Sponsor logo, 50 word company or product description and URL
  • Sponsor logo or banner within video player with clickable link to sponsor’s URL of choice
  • Sponsor logo and branding in the Sponsored Content section of GDC Vault

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Tape your GDC Sponsored Session - See individual event sponsored sessions for pricing*

Extend the life and reach of your sponsored session by making it available for the entire online game development community to view on GDC Vault. The GDC Team will professionally record the content and host it online post-event at GDC Vault, where you will collect the leads of everyone who opts-in to views the sponsored session.


Click on a thumbnail to enlarge:

Example of Sponsored Session on Vault

Professionally recorded video
including synced up slides

GDC Vault Sponsored Section

GDC Event content on demand

With GDC Vault taping, you get:

  • Professionally recorded sponsored session content handled by GDC team and hosted on GDC Vault. Includes video/audio recording and screen capture of your slides synced up. (sponsor will receive preview of recorded session for approval before going live )
  • Lead generation via GDC Vault lead form. Sponsor receives an updated list of contact information for the first three months of all the participants who opt-in to view their video on GDC Vault
  • Embed code to edited video recording (Flash console with video and slides sync) available to sponsors within one week of the event to put on their site. No raw video footage available.
  • 160x600 Run of site banner on for 3 months after GDC promoting the talk. Guaranteed 300,000 impressions. See banner spec details.
    • Listing in the GDC Vault Sponsored Session Section including:
    • Session title
    • Speaker information
    • Sponsor logo
    • 50 word company or product description
  • Option to include sponsor logo or banner within video player with clickable link to sponsor's choice of URL
  • Sponsor logo and video listing to be hosted and archived indefinitely in the Sponsored Session Archive Section of Vault

*Does not include cost of GDC sponsored session

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