GDC Attendee Demographics

GDC 2015
March 2-6, 2015
Expo Dates: March 4-6
Moscone Convention Center
San Francisco, CA

By The Numbers*:

  • Over 23,000 attendees
  • 35% of attendees were international
  • Featuring more than 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and roundtable discussions
  • More than 300 exhibitors and sponsors

All GDC 2013 attendees work in the game industry either in game development services or related fields*:

"GDC is where we go to get real business done"

-Mark Rein, Vice President, Epic Games
  • 41.7% Programming/Engineering
  • 44.0% Game Design
  • 32.0% Other
  • 39.8% Business Management
  • 36.6% Production
  • 28.6% Visual Arts
  • 15.0% Audio

Other includes students, educators, press/media, and other job functions

Major/Minor focus of GDC 2013 conference attendee's business:*

     Major Focus Minor Focus
   Smartphone game market 44% 24%
   Tablet game market 42% 23%
   PC/Mac downloadable market 41% 21%
   Web browser game market 24% 23%
   Console game market 24% 13%
   Console downloadable game market 22% 18%
   Handheld game market 16% 17%
   Game recruitment   7% 10%
   Game outsourcing   8% 11%
   Game tools/middleware market 13% 12%
   Game academia 13% 11%
   Game marketing/PR 12% 10%
   Game media 11% 9%
   Game funding/VC   4% 10%
   Game legal   3% 9%

Sample attendee company and titles at GDC San Francisco 2013:

VP Business Development
Sr. Computer Scientist Adobe
Embedded Graphics Engineer Apple
Vice President BottleRocket Apps
Lead Artist DIM Interactive Media, LLC
Director, Creative Development Disney Interactive Games
Lead Character Technical Director Dreamworks Animation
Director Mobile Publishing Electronic Arts : EA Games
Licensing Manager Gameloft
Software Engineer Google
Technical Director Pixar Animation Studios
Lead Programmer Infinity Ward
VP Game Content and Technology NVIDIA
SVP, Business Development Sony
Game Designer Zephyr Games, Inc
Creative Director WB Games
CEO, Co-Founder Riot Games
Audio Director Ubisoft Montpellier

The Average GDC Attendee*:

  • Has worked in game development for 5.9 years
  • Have worked on an average of 10 games
  • Manage an average of 10 people directly or indirectly
  • Geography: 65% of GDC attendee are from North America with the balance mainly coming from Western Europe (10%) and Asia (6%)

Top four actions attendees have taken as a result of attending GDC 2013*:

"A collection of some of the most creative and visionary minds in the game development industry come together to share knowledge, discussion and ideas"

-- GDC 2013 Attendee
  • Visiting an exhibitor's website
  • Sent an email
  • Requested more information
  • Downloaded a GDC Session from GDC Vault

GDC 2013 conference attendees agree*:

  • 82% of attendees said they heard something useful within their craft that they didn't know before
  • 92% of attendees said they were inspired
  • 60% of attendees gained strong leads to advance their business
  • 53% of attendees said the Expo Floor was one of the most important reasons they attend GDC

*Source: GDC 2013 Attendee Survey by Audience Insights

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